Saturday, January 7, 2017

Travel Tips With Baby On Board

Sooner or later, the time will come to take your little one on the road. Good news — you can get him or her buckled up and ready to go in no time with these travel tips for road-tripping with babies. 

If you’ve carefully planned your trip and prepared your vehicle, you’ve already started out on the right foot. Now keep these things in mind as you make your way down the road.

Be flexible. When traveling with a baby, even the best-laid plans can be disrupted. Try to stay relaxed, accept changes, and go with the flow.

Stop when you need to. Trying to push “just a little farther” with a crying baby in the car can be dangerous, as you’re distracted and nervous. Take the time to stop and calm your baby.

Put safety first. Make sure that you keep your baby in his or carseat. Many nursing mothers breastfeed their babies during trips. This can be dangerous in a moving car, even if you are both securely belted: You can’t foresee an accident, and your body could slam forcefully into your baby. Instead, pull over and nurse your baby while he’s still in his carseat. That way, when he falls asleep, you won’t wake him up moving him back into his seat.

Remember: Never, ever leave your baby alone in the car –  not even for a minute.

Here are some more tips from another expert

Hit the road when your baby hits snooze. Got a baby who sleeps willingly in his or her car seat? Then you've got it made — just plan to do the bulk of your driving during her usual naptime.

Pack for playtime. If your baby tends to be an (audibly) unhappy passenger (or your travel schedule is set so you’re on the road when she's wide awake), it's time for plan D: Distractions! 

Any time you’ll be driving with your baby, be sure to grab some of her favorite music and toys to pack in her baby bag. Or you can surprise her with new toys, too — the novelty will buy you a bit of extra time.

Stay in your seat. Is your baby a pacifier fan? Try this car-safety solution for both of you — get a tether that clips her binky to her shirt or car-seat strap. That'll make driving with a baby easier (and safer) since you won't have to unbuckle and dive under the seats every time she's dropped her pacifier.

Buckle everything up. Don’t put on the brakes after your baby’s been secured

Take this baby-travel tip with you: Keep everything strapped in. Use a tether or set of plastic links to attach some toys to the seat so she’s constantly entertained (and so nothing falls to the floor to cue crying). You can also fasten a lightweight, unbreakable mirror to the seat in front of her — as you’ve probably noticed, babies love a looking glass.

Switch it up. If there's another adult on board take turns — one drives, one entertains the baby. 

Give it a rest. When it's mealtime, make a pit stop. You might lose a few minutes, but it’s much easier than dining and driving with baby. That’s a messy, complicated business, and it’s none too safe to juggle bottles, jars, and spoons while you're hurtling down the highway.

Take bathroom breaks. Take advantage of rest stop changing tables to get your baby out of her diaper before you get back on the road. And when you travel with a baby, you also want to travel with a changing pad. It’s a must-have for covering those questionably clean public changing tables.

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